by Glen Cooper

Why Engaging in a Parasite Detox is Crucial for First-Timers

Parasites are more than just unwelcome guests in our systems; they'...
Why Engaging in a Parasite Detox is Crucial for First-Timers

Parasites are more than just unwelcome guests in our systems; they're silent usurpers of our well-being. Engaging in a parasite detox is critical, particularly for those who have never embarked on one. These unwelcome organisms feast on our nutrients, deplete our energy reserves, harbor toxins like heavy metals, and can even influence our thoughts and actions. Persistent health issues often linger until the parasites are expelled, which is why a detox is essential to restore bodily harmony.

The Four Pillars of a Successful Parasite Cleanse

Here's an effective approach to reclaiming your health from parasites:

  1. Fast: Parasites thrive on low-quality foods, especially refined sugars. By fasting, you deprive them of their sustenance and give your body a respite from digestion, allowing it to focus on eliminating these intruders. Opt for a raw diet, emphasizing fruits and raw milk, while steering clear of cooked foods and sugars.

  2. Detox: Enhance your body's detox pathways with specific supplements and powders. Products like AlfaVedic's Illumined Greens or the nutrient-rich VitaMineral Greens help flush out heavy metals and other toxins.

  3. Eliminate Parasites: Incorporate natural anti-parasitic remedies such as herbal concoctions, seeds, and roots. These agents are crucial in killing off the parasites, setting the stage for their removal from your system.

  4. Expulsion: Use binders, like special clays or fiber-rich formulas, to escort the deceased parasites out of your body efficiently.

Timing and Tactics for Maximum Impact

Align your cleanse with the lunar cycle; parasites are most active during the full moon, making it the optimal time for a cleanse. I'm currently on a fruit and raw food fast, which is sufficient to stave off hunger while maintaining peak digestive efficiency. During this period, I'll abstain from eating around the times I take herbal anti-parasitic agents.

Here's my menu during the cleanse:

  • Raw Milk
  • Fresh, Unprocessed Fruit
  • Raw Eggs

It's crucial to stay hydrated with high-quality water and to keep your mineral levels up with supplements like Sol Salts and Shilajit.

Daily Cleanse Protocol:

  • Begin with 2-3 enzyme capsules to kickstart the process.
  • After 20 minutes, take 2 capsules of a parasite-killing supplement like Paratrex.
  • Follow another 20 minutes later with 2 capsules of a binding agent, such as Mimosa Pudica Seeds.
  • Repeat this regimen three times daily for 3-5 days.

Supportive Cleansing Practices:

  • Utilize a sauna to expedite the detoxification process. If unavailable, indulge in a hot bath or shower using filtered water.
  • Absorb as much sunlight as you can.
  • Maintain light physical activity. Avoid strenuous workouts, but continue to walk and move regularly.

Embarking on a parasite cleanse is a journey towards reclaiming your health. Follow this guide to ensure a successful detox and rejuvenation of your body.


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